Star Scholar Naija

About the TV Show

Star Scholar Naija (SSN) is a children’s reality TV show where 16 talented teenagers are immersed in a learning experience with a view to presenting future model citizens.

The teenagers, aged 13-16 years are camped in a Nest (hostel type accommodation) for 21 days, where under the guidance of a show host, facilitators and a counsellor, they are exposed to games, talent hunts, academic and critical reasoning exercises and sporting activities while competing as  individuals and in groups.

The ultimate STAR SCHOLAR emerges via a points tally in a league format.

How the Game is Designed

  • To Groom and Nurture Inherent Talent.
  • Instill Discipline and Promote Friendship.
  • Reward Academic Excellence.
  • Teach and Encourage Teamwork.
  • Build Problem Solving Skills.
  • Role Modelling using Mentors to Inspire.
  • Global Awareness of the Sustainable

Who We Are

Eagles’ Nest is an educational research organization that seeks to reform and significantly upgrade the Nigerian educational system by organizing, managing and coordinating programmes and activities that improve the current standard of education and enable children reach and express their full potential within and outside of the schools.

The production team in charge of this project has an aggregate work experience of over 7O years in the media, education and entertainment industry, and will be bringing a rich knowledge of both content and technical production know-how to the show.

Our Vision

To advance the knowledge of the various forms of human intelligence by discovering and harvesting latent and undeveloped abilities in each child.

We are set to achieve this by inspiring them to think, dream, explore and discover themselves in a supportive and positive environment.

To broaden the children’s knowledge and experience of the world around them through creative, scientific exploration and problem-solving strategies, thereby mastering coping skills for a successful life.

Grand Prize & Auditions

First Place Winner: University Scholarship worth N10 Million Naira and a brand new SUV branded with the SSN logo.

Second Place Winner: University scholarship worth N10 Million Naira and a brand new saloon car branded with the SSN logo.

Third Place Winner: Scholarship University worth N1O Million Naira and a brand new saloon car branded with the SSN logo.


.1. Auditions for the STAR SCHOLAR NAIJA Reality TV Show begin on Saturday 27th April 2019 and end on Monday 29th April 2019. 

Time: 9am 

Venue: CTC International School, 23 Sobo Arobiodu Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos.

2. Contestants are to be at the venue of the 3-Day audition with at least one parent or legal guardian. 

3. Contestants who are not present with a parent or legal guardian will not be auditioned. 

4. Contestants coming for the audition from outside Lagos State are to make arrangements for their transportation and accommodation.

5. Upon arrival at the audition venue, contestants will go through an accreditation process before taking their turns at the audition proper.

6. Contestants who would like to showcase talents in musical instruments are permitted to come along with their personal musical instruments. Larger instruments like piano and drums will be provided.

7. Parents and legal guardians will not be allowed into the audition rooms with the contestants.

8. At the venue of the audition, parents, guardians and contestants agree to a release contract that videos and photos taken at the audition venue can be used for publicity purposes by the show organizers.

Note: we shall update contestants further as the need arises


Production will take place in August 2019 during the long vacation.

The 16 successful Nestsmates will be arrive at the Nest in the first week of August and stay in the Nest for 21 days

Consolation Prize

  • Branded Laptops
  • Branded Tablets
  • Branded Game console
  • Branded Goodie bags